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The environmental performance of a company’s owned and managed real estate portfolio is an important component of overall organizational sustainability. Improving the operational performance of a company’s office buildings, warehouses and retail space can generate tangible environmental benefits while reducing operational costs in new and existing buildings. Taking the next step – adopting and getting certified to a green building standard such as Green Globes – can help you meet state and federal mandates and qualify for tax incentives in certain states. What’s more, it can increase the marketability of your buildings.

Moreover, the environmental performance of a company’s real estate holdings is now getting attention from leading sustainability surveys. In fact, GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) which is rapidly becoming the reporting requirement for companies with large property holdings tracks the percentage of property square footage covered by a recognized green building standard.


Similar to the well-known LEED building certification program, Green Globes is an established green building guidance and assessment program that offers a more practical and affordable way to advance the environmental performance and sustainability of a wide variety of building types. Green Globes aid building owners and property managers in the evaluation, documentation, and improvement of the environmental performance of their buildings. Using the Green Globes web-based program, building teams can focus on sustainable options when considering capital improvements or implementation of best practices, and benchmark and rate the benefits of various building attributes and procedures.

Green Globes, along with LEED, are the only two green building certification programs recognized by the U.S. federal government. In fact, the General Services Administration (GSA) has said that the Green Globes standard meets more of the requirements of the federal government than any other program. Following the lead of GSA, the Defense Department also named Green Globes as an approved certification program. In addition, currently more than 30 states recognize Green Globes or accept it as equivalent to LEED.

On average, Green Globes buildings use 16% less energy than typical commercial buildings and 55% less water. They also have over 60% higher waste diversion rates than typical buildings.

Key Facts about Green Globes

  • It’s a web-based system that includes an online self-evaluation survey. The online system calculates your projected Green Globes score and provides instant feedback on your building.
  • The system is technically rigorous.
  • Green Globes uses a transparent assessment process so you’ll always know where you’re at and how you’re doing. And GBI provides customer support from start to finish.
  • Green Globes includes a third-party site visit, which means that assessors can visually inspect the building and cut down on the amount of documentation you have to provide, which can save a lot of time.
  • The assessor provides a thorough, written report that includes a summary of the verified features, feedback, and recommendations for future improvement.
  • Green Globes is more affordable than LEED, especially in regards to the soft costs related to project management resources and prerequisite documentation.


As an accredited Green Globes Professional (GGP), iCompli can provide assistance throughout the assessment and certification process for Green Globes. This includes:

  • Providing client project management and technical support.
  • Advising on the rating/ certification process.
  • Completing the online evaluation.
  • Assisting in the gathering of documentation necessary to obtain a rating/certification for a building.
  • Facilitating the onsite assessment with the Green Globe Auditor.
  • Compile and provide any necessary documentation to respond to findings of the auditor
  • Interpreting the final report and recommendations
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