iCompli Sustainability

Certification & Assurance


Independent third party assessment of sustainability practices to assure that specified requirements of the relevant standard have been demonstrated.

What we do:

  • Review documentation in the form of hard copy and digital policies, plans, and records
  • Interview applicant’s sustainability staff to supplement the document review
  • Issue an assurance opinion letter that can be publicly used by the applicant to demonstrate independent certification of compliance to relevant standard
  • Issue a private management letter that provides specific recommendations for improvement
  • Issue electronic and print certificates of compliance for public use by applicant
  • Distribute a press release that the applicant has been certified in compliance with relevant standard


"Gap Analysis" of your organization’s sustainability practices compared to the performance requirements of the ISO and ASTM event sustainability standards, and the reporting requirements of the GRI Event Organizers Sector Supplement.

This internal report rates each performance indicator according to "not covered", "partially covered" and/or "reasonably covered".

Strengths and weaknesses of the report or performance under the standard are also identified, such as whether or not you have adequate quantitative data sets to support key assertions or have practices in place to meet a performance level.

We provide recommendations to help your company achieve the reporting level or performance standard you seek.