iCompli Sustainability

GRI Event Organizer Sector Supplement Report Assurance

The widely-used GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework strongly encourages independent third-party assurance. Having your report assured adds to the credibility of the information presented. It also helps internally to improve your performance.

iCompli assures GRI reports using the internationally-recognized AA1000AS (AccountAbility Assurance Standard). AA1000AS is used by specialist audit bodies and emphasizes the need for organizations to demonstrate effective stakeholder engagement, identify material sustainability issues and have in place a business strategy to respond to those issues.

AA1000AS Type 1 and Type 2 Assurance -- Our 10 Step principles-based approach focuses on the material issues driving sustainability in an organization.

  • An AA1000AS Type I assurance involves a Content-based assessment of the Report’s completeness and alignment with GRI requirements. Type I also includes Assertion-based assessment as to whether or not all material/significant assertions included within the Report can be supported by an adequate trail of evidence.

  • AA1000AS Type II assurance engagement examines additional data sets for accuracy, consistency, completeness and reliability. The process is expanded to an Indicator-based assessment to determine whether or not indicators are adequately discussed within the Report; and whether or not statistical data pertaining to these indicators meets evidentiary tests to confirm compliance to standards of “completeness”, “accuracy”, “consistency” and “reliability.”

RFP Check

Event planners are increasingly including sustainability clauses in their RFPs. In a highly competitive environment where business can be won or lost over one small thing, it’s vital that your organization present its sustainability capabilities in a way that will help differentiate itself from the competition. As part of our diagnostic check, we review your recent RFP responses and assess the strength of your sustainability initiatives compared to industry best practices.

ASTM Level Advancement

For suppliers who have achieved initial certification, we can evaluate your current practices and advise on steps to obtain higher levels of performance per the standards. This analysis will provide guidance to achieve levels 2,3, and 4 of the standard.